solia k. rabu
bokuto: ... "solely a club" kinda sounds like it could be someone's name...
kuroo: ooh! i get it... solia k. rabu!
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I don't think I will ever stop reading Techno Boyfriends. You're an amazing writer. (Also, thank you for mentioning my other anon ask in the one chapter post. You're such a sweetie pie.)


Sorry for the late reply ;;;;;;

And thank you so much omg that means a lot. I haven’t updated recently whoops but I’m trying to do a massive overhaul? Like rewrite what I’ve done, bulk it up.

Also I’ve moved accounts to »elyun which doesn’t help much haha

Thank you again though (and of course I was gonna mention it!! It really did mean a lot ;v;)

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moved to elyun»

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oh my gOD 

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okay no I needed another Suga birthday picture where he’s getting love bECAUSE THIS TEAM LOVES HIM SO MUCH

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One of the most dramatic moments of season 1.

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is that sif

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